What's New

A Special Commission

In addition to selling my prints, cartoons, graphics, wood signs, etc., I spend a lot of time creating special paintings for individuals all over the country and I always appreciate the work. Once in a while, a project comes along that’s really special because it’s for someone I admire. I just started a painting for Stephen King, who has a winter home in FL, not far from me. I’m a huge fan of his, so this means a lot. I shouldn’t talk too much about it ’cause I need to get working(!), but I can’t wait to show him, and you, when it’s finished — the suspense is killing me!

New Mermaid Wood Sign!

Time to introduce a new mermaid! She’s my “Blue Mermaid” (not really the final title), and she’s showcased on a new wood sign design (24″X16″). She can be customized to any location (as a matter of fact, I’ve got one queued up for Key West!).


It’s Spring!

Max and Phoebe are celebrating Spring today!


St. Pat Cat quick draw

Max finds a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day!

Completed Tarpon Painting!

Success!  Here’s the finished painting (24X36 oil on canvas).  I think I’ll call it “Bustin’ Loose.”   All in a day’s work (my wife is so proud!).


New Tarpon Painting

I’m starting this painting today and hope to get it done in a day.  Here’s my rough sketch — stay tuned!