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7 Things I Learned from Stephen King

My experience creating a painting for one of the greatest writers of our time brought with it a good amount of stress and new-found creative energy. I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented dude. I delivered Steve’s painting a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the things I found out along the way:

1. Stephen King is just a regular guy with a wicked sense of humor. Note the fancy tshirt he’s wearing.
2. My wife and I really stepped up our game when corresponding with Steve. Our grammar and punctuation have improved immensely!
3. At one point, when I was fighting the painting, Steve asked me “Do you ever wonder if you can do it again? I get that every now and then.” He added, “The middle is always the tough part, but isn’t it great when it gets back on the rails?” That gave me hope that even a hugely successful author has his moments of doubt.
4. As an aspiring author myself, I loved it when Steve said to me “In our industry, there’s a saying: ‘Hard writing makes easy reading’ “.
5. Often, when I create custom paintings, my patrons have very specific details they’d like to see. It was refreshing when Steve said “As long as you have fun doing it, I’ll like it. . .” and, “If I could do what you do, I’d do it every day!” He respects the creative process and didn’t want to interfere.
6. When Steve saw his painting he said. “I love it! Hey man, you really get me!” Actually, maybe I should be a little concerned about that. . .
7. I asked Steve to sign my dog-eared, much-loved copy of his book “On Writing” and was surprised to read his note: “Brendan – Thanks for everything.” No, Steve, THANK YOU!

Stephen King and Brendan Coudal

Stephen King and Brendan Coudal

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May Birthday Cats

It’s Max & Phoebe’s birthday today!  They celebrated by taking a nap.