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Lap Cat

Ever seen your cat do this?!?  I created this cartoon for a friend who described her new cat as a “lap cat” because she liked to snuggle.  I took a different slant!



Morning Exercises

It seems like everyone at the Coudal house is stretching in the morning these days, even Max and Phoebe.  This one’s called “Scratcheroo!” — original illustration and prints are available on the website!

Morning Cats

White Marlin Adventure

Looking at some old pics today (ca. 2002) and found these of me trying to revive a White Marlin that had drifted into the surf at Casey Key Beach.  He didn’t make it; scientists thought he may have died of simple old age. Before handing him over to FL Marine Research Institute, I honored him by creating a Gyotaku on the largest thing I could find – a big sheet!

marlin 041 marlin 054

Buying a Piece of Heart

I recently saw this on Pinterest and though it was spot on.  Thanks to all who support artists – it means the world to us!


Why I Do What I Do

I recently got a note from a customer who bought one of my mermaids.  In it she said “Thanks for your talent and the joy it brings!”  How often do you hear something like that?  Making the decision to be a full-time artist has brought its share of ups and downs, but when I get that kind of feedback, I know I’m on the right path.  Thank you to all the special folks who have bought my products, offered great positive feedback, and continue to provide an encouraging environment that keeps me going!  Now, back to work. . .

We Love Ice Cream!

Max & Phoebe LOVE ice cream, so to celebrate “National Ice Cream Month” Brendan created this little gem.  Enjoy!

Ice Cream Cats

Dive In to Summer

Summer’s definitely here and what better way to cool off than to “Dive In” to your favorite watering hole? This gal comes as a mini print, canvas print and a wood sign.  Check out our Retro Gals collection when you get a chance.

Canvas_Dive In!jpg