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My Fishing Gal

It’s so nice to be married to someone who likes to fish!  Here’s Nicole with just one of the many fish she caught while on a charter with our friend Capt. Bill Hammond of Endless Summer Charters. It’s not too often you get a day of fishing like we had.   Perfect weather, great company, cooperative fish and yummy snacks!


Casey Key Cutie Painting

Time to profile another painting in my retro-style series! Casey Key is one of Florida’s finest barrier islands, boasting pristine beaches and views. It’s even protected as conservation land, allowing visitors to fully enjoy its offerings. Fishing has always been part of the area’s charm, and this pretty gal takes full advantage of her sunny day, while her little pal hopes to get a glimpse of what’s beneath that bobber.  Nicole wasn’t available to pose for this one, so I had a friend “sit in”.   The puppy reference pics came from a friend who had just adopted this cute Yellow Lab and he was happy to show him off!

The pic below links to canvas prints available, but there’s also a wood sign (that can be personalized) and a mini print too!

Canvas_Casey Key Cutie

Dinner’s Ready

Nicole and I know when our cats are hungry.  Let’s just say they let us know, repeatedly.  We had some fun with Phoebe this weekend and put a bib on her for a photo shoot.  Heck, she was game!  Check out the Max & Phoebe cat cartoons when you  get a chance.


Great Fishing!

Some friends were visiting Sanibel last week so Nicole and I booked a charter with our friend Capt. Bill Hammond of Endless Summer Charters.  What a fantastic day!  At several times during the afternoon, 3 or 4 of us were hooked up at one time!  It was nonstop — we caught redfish, trout, jacks, flounder, snapper, ladyfish, pufferfish and catfish (not excited about that one).  If you want to catch fish in southwest Florida, call Capt. Bill!

And if you like redfish, check out my painting titled “Waiting on the Tide“.  Canvas prints are available, too.


Siesta Sweetie Painting

Time to showcase another in my retro-style series!  When I started these paintings, Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida was an obvious choice.  Anyone who has seen it marvels at its beautiful, powder-white sand and gorgeous shoreline. My “Siesta Sweetie” showcases a gal enjoying a beach day while feeding some feathered friends.  I had Nicole pose on the beach for the shot — it was one of those Chamber of Commerce days and we both enjoyed a picnic when the photo shoot was done!  Here’s a link to a wood sign, but canvas prints and mini prints are also available.

Wood_Siesta Sweetie

Winter in Florida

Winter in Florida is great – cool, dry, breezy, sunny.  It’s what we long for all summer when the hot, humid air seems to hit  you like a brick when you step outside!  Max and Phoebe spend a lot of time outside on our deck when the weather’s nice.  I created this drawing on the first day of Spring, but it seems appropriate today, too!

Max & Phoebe Celebrate Spring

Max & Phoebe Celebrate Spring

Beaver Moon

Did you know that yesterday was the Full Beaver Moon?  The Farmer’s Alamanac says it’s a time to set traps before the waters freeze.  We don’t have to worry too much about that in Florida, but Max and Phoebe seem a little concerned. . .

P.S. this one’s not on the website for sale, but if you’d like one, just let us know!