In 2004, I attended the International Game Fish Association‘s artist showcase in Dania Beach, FL.  I don’t think they hold the event any longer, unfortunately, but it was a great opportunity to see some amazing marine-life artwork.  I met some of today’s great marine-life artists including Guy Harvey, Don Ray and Carey Chen — very inspiring, to say the least.

Here’s a pic of me and Guy.  Funny to think our paths will cross again on Friday, June 5 when we’re both in Boca Grande signing limited edition posters for two special events sponsored by the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce.  Guy will be signing his posters for the 2015 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament, and I’ll be signing my 2015 Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament posters.  I can’t speak for his posters, but my “Bubbly Mermaid” made a big splash for the 25th anniversary of the Ladies Day event, so I’m looking forward to meeting more fans!  Hope to see you there for this “historic” event!

Coudal and Guy Harvey