Today I’m showcasing an early paintings in my retro-style series called “Longboat Lovely”.  Longboat Key, FL is a barrier island near Sarasota.  It has long been known for its elegant, tasteful and pricey lifestyle.  I wanted to capture its beauty, which is why I chose a sailboat and a tasteful sailing gal.   And did you know that toy poodles were the big rage in the 1950s (according to the American Kennel Club)?  That little dude fit perfectly next to my gal.  I had Nicole pose for this one.  Funny thing is one day while I was working on the painting, Nicole’s mom came for a visit and when she saw the painting asked why I decided to paint her likeness?  It dawned on us all that Nicole looked a lot like her mom in her early 40s, so that just made sense!

Canvas_Longboat Lovely