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Holiday Gift Ideas

Back by popular demand!  I’ve authorized the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce to offer re-prints of some of my sold-out, popular Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament posters.  To complete your collection (or give as a gift), take advantage of this special Christmas release of the 2008, 2009 and 2011 posters​. They’re $20 each and can be purchased in person at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce, or by calling their office at 941-964-0568 to have one (or more!) mailed to you.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2017!  I’ve got lots of projects up my sleeve for this year, so stay tuned 🙂

Mini Prints Special Offer

If you want to add some retro-style art to your walls but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve got Mini Prints specially priced through December, 2016!  They’re regularly 20 bucks, but you can get them for only ten bucks this month!

Fabulous Florida Painting is Here!

Over the summer I was busy working on a fun painting I’ve named “Fabulous Florida” – a retro-style image of the Sunshine State, intermingled with some cute vignettes of the things that make it special.  It was a fun collaboration with my friends at Authentic Florida and you can now purchase Collector’s edition posters on my site – they’re signed/numbered and stamped with the Authentic Florida seal of approval, and only 300 of this edition will be made!   Wood signs, canvas prints and other stuff will be available when this edition sells out.

And check out my wife Nicole’s guess blog post on this week’s Authentic Florida newsletter – in it, she shares some interesting insight about what goes on behind the scenes of our artistic operation 🙂



Florida Postcard Painting In Process

I’ve been collaborating with my friend Robin Draper at AuthenticFlorida — her wonderful blog is all about Florida.  And what better way to celebrate Florida than by creating a special piece of art that showcases all its wonderful offerings?

As soon as I’m finished, I’ll be offering the original painting for sale, as well as, canvas prints, wood signs, small prints and maybe some additional special items.  More news to follow, but here are a few images of the in-process painting:

bear Florida steer

Lucky Tarpon Painting on Display Boca Grande

The Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce is hosting a mixer on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at the Chamber courtyard, 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  I’ll be there to showcase my original painting “Lucky Tarpon” (featured for the 2016 Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament events) and to customize limited edition/signed posters (see image below) – get ’em while they last, since they go fast!

You can see the original painting at Paradise Cove Properties on Boca Grande — it will be available for purchase, so let me know if you’d like more information.

P.S. limited edition, signed posters can be ordered at: http://www.ladiestarpon.com/shop.html

Coudal Ladies Day Poster

Perfectly Paired Mermaid

My “Perfectly Paired” image of a pretty blond mermaid resting in a glass of white wine is now available as a canvas print (size 24×36 or 20X30).  P.S. a wood sign design is in the works and will be ready soon!

Mermaid in wine glass

Holiday Cats

Here’s one straight from my sketch pad. . .my version of Max & Phoebe in that famous Grinch scene.  Cute, huh?  I think the caption would be something like “Why am I always the reindeer?  I want to play Santa!”

grinch cats

Holiday Special Pricing on Cat Cards

Yeah!  Max & Phoebe have authorized me to offer special pricing on their boxed greeting cards through 12/31/15!   All boxed cards are now priced at only $10 (plus shipping + tax, if applicable, of course).  Check out their Max & Phoebe Cat Cards page to learn more.  And, if you order by 12/14, you can pretty much bet they’ll get to you before Christmas.

Here’s an example of one in the “Hang in There” collection (caption: “You mean it was all just one big Ponzi scheme?”):

Bar Cats Card


Time for the Beaver (or Hunter) Moon!

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, October’s full moon was named because it was the time of year for hunters to set their traps (including beaver traps) before water froze, and to gather as much food as they could before the winter season hit.   Max and Phoebe like to celebrate the “Beaver” or “Hunter’s” Moon every year 🙂


New Tarpon Painting “Payoff”

It’s always great when I have a chance to work on a painting for a friend who has a special connection to something.  In this case, it was my friend who had an epic day of Tarpon fishing (and I just happened to be fishing with him that day).  He got a great shot of the leaping fish on his GoPro, and asked me to re-create it so he could look at it any time he wanted to in his living room.

Using a unique size/shape canvas, it was especially fun to work on it.  When this beauty was finished, my wife and I sat back and tried to come up with a title.  We had a long list, but kept coming back to “Payoff” — we decided that, after all the hard work, dedication, hope, financial investment and time spent, it seemed only fitting that this painting be given that title.  I almost hated to deliver it to my friend because I was enjoying it so much in my studio!  But he was pretty darn happy when he saw it, and that’s just great.

Prints will be available soon!


Coastal Conservation Association Featured Artist

I’m pleased to have been selected by Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) as their Featured Artist at the October 15 event in Peace River.  I’ll be there signing limited edition lithographs and auctioning off a customized canvas print of my popular “Round ‘Em Up” gal.  CCA does great things in our community, and I’m proud to be affiliated with them.  Please check out their website for more information.

round em up cca