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For the last few weeks I’ve had some great Tarpon experiences in southwest Florida!  I haven’t yet caught “the big one” this season, but I know she’s out there, just waiting for me. . .

I’ve managed to get a few to the boat, jumped several, and got some great pics along the way — here’s just one.  One of these will surely end up as a painting!

tarpon at boat


National Hug Your Cat Day

Today is a very important day for Max & Phoebe, along with millions of other felines out there.  It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!  My wife and I hug them ALL DAY LONG, but instead of posting a pic of us hugging them, I thought I’d share one of my favorite drawings of the kitties.  Cute, huh?  Have a great day everyone (and please take some time to hug your cat)!

Hug Day

Guy Harvey & Brendan Coudal Meet Again

In 2004, I attended the International Game Fish Association‘s artist showcase in Dania Beach, FL.  I don’t think they hold the event any longer, unfortunately, but it was a great opportunity to see some amazing marine-life artwork.  I met some of today’s great marine-life artists including Guy Harvey, Don Ray and Carey Chen — very inspiring, to say the least.

Here’s a pic of me and Guy.  Funny to think our paths will cross again on Friday, June 5 when we’re both in Boca Grande signing limited edition posters for two special events sponsored by the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce.  Guy will be signing his posters for the 2015 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament, and I’ll be signing my 2015 Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament posters.  I can’t speak for his posters, but my “Bubbly Mermaid” made a big splash for the 25th anniversary of the Ladies Day event, so I’m looking forward to meeting more fans!  Hope to see you there for this “historic” event!

Coudal and Guy Harvey

Tarpon Fishing is Awesome!

Yesterday was one of those epic days in Florida during Tarpon season.  I was fishing with my friend Shawn and we were surrounded by fish all morning.  We used blue crabs and the fish gobbled them up (I like to call them “Tarpon candy”).  This beauty gave us quite a show.  I captured it using my iPhone, in slo-mo video — sorry for the vertical shot, but it couldn’t be helped.  This is why I love Tarpon!  Check out the GoPro pic below and see my Angry Tarpon video, too!

Angry Tarpon Coudal



Max & Phoebe’s 16th Cat Birthday

This month, Max & Phoebe celebrate their 16th birthday!  They still act like kittens, thankfully –it must be the daily calisthenics. To celebrate, the kitties asked Brendan to offer a special price on their Max & Phoebe boxed cards.  So, through June 5, all card sets are 20% off, making them only $12/box!  Check ’em out and remember that a portion of sales goes to Cat Depot.  P.S. if you’re local, you can always call the studio to arrange for pick-up & avoid shipping 🙂

Max & Phoebe Birthday Cats


Brendan Coudal May Newsletter

As I head out Tarpon fishing, thought you might like to read a new edition of the Brendan Coudal News.  I showcase some of my favorite Tarpon paintings, which are available as canvas prints like Emerald Water Kings, Reel Reel Reel!, Fly Bye and Bustin Loose.  Enjoy!

Write Cat

Sweet Cat Cards to the Rescue

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, birthdays, graduations, 4th of July, and more!  So many holidays and special events to celebrate over the next few months.  If you’re in need of cards for these occasions, pick up some ‘Sweet Cat’ blank note cards.  They’re adorable and can be used for any occasion.

A pack of 10 (w/envelopes) is $15 smackeroos.  That’s $1.50 per card – less than you’ll pay at Hallmark. Max & Phoebe will appreciate your purchase, too, especially since a portion of the proceeds goes to Cat Depot 🙂

Sweet Cat Note Cards

Tarpon Season Just Around the Corner!

Rumor has it some guy caught a Tarpon near Sarasota last week. . .that’s a little early, but not out of the question, from my experience.  Needless to say, I’m starting to get excited about Tarpon season!  My wife always gets a little nervous when she hears a rumor like this, because it starts the ‘craziness,’ as she calls it, in our house WAY too soon.  I just can’t wait to get out there and start looking for them ’cause they’re my favorite fish.

I love the painting I created last season titled “Bustin Loose” — it’s an image fishermen never tire of — a Tarpon busting above the surface.   The original (amazingly) is available in my studio, so call me to talk about buying it!   Wood signs and canvas prints are also available.  Great gift ideas for upcoming Father’s Day, too!

Bustin Loose Wood Sign


Old Florida Best Coast Sign Sale

Don’t forget!  To celebrate the release of my new painting, through the month of April, my Best Coast Wood Sign is 20% off!   On my website purchase page, simply enter Coupon Code bestcoast in your cart.

If you’re local, call my studio at 941-786-5866 to order and avoid shipping issues.  I have some in the studio just waiting for you 🙂

Old Florida Best Coast Wood Sign

March Coudal Newsletter

Time for another edition of my newsletter!  And, through the month of April, if you purchase a new “Best Coast” wood sign, you’ll receive 20% off!  Simply enter bestcoast in the Coupon Code section of your cart 🙂

Write Cat

Florida Kitsch

Great article in the Gasparilla Magazine titled Florida Kitsch (Nancy Theoret) which touts the many fun, funky things that make Florida unique, and have for decades.  My mid-century artwork is included in the article, so please check it out – it’s a fun piece.  BTW, who hasn’t seen these and wanted to take some home?!?


Best Coast Florida Map is Here!

Last summer I was commissioned by the Editor of The Scout Guide to create a special image for her new publication in the Sarasota area.  It was a fun project, and finally an opportunity to create a painting  reminiscent of cute, old-Florida postcards beckoning folks to Florida — something I’ve wanted to do for some time.  The painting captures barrier islands of the SW coast, from Anna Maria to Boca Grande.  It also highlights fun vignettes like Tarpon fishing, boating, dolphins, shopping, oranges, water skiing, and many more (P.S. my wife’s favorite is the alligator on the golf course).

I call it “Best Coast” — makes sense to those of us who live here, right?!?  The original, 30X42 oil painting is available in my studio.  As for prints, it comes in 2 sizes of canvas prints and 1 wood sign (see below).  Check ’em out!

Best Coast FL Wood Sign