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Window Cats

“Max & Phoebe” Monday!  Here are a couple of cutie petuties.  The original is sold, but prints are available!

Window Cats

Who Loves Dolphins?

It’s “Fish Friday” so that means we have to post something ‘fishy’.  Here’s something that never goes out of style. . .


Forgiveness Day

Today is National Forgiveness Day.  Have you done anything that warrants forgiveness?!?  If so, try giving one of these “Sweet Cat” note cards.  A set of 10, with envelopes, is only $15.  Who couldn’t forgive such a cute face?


Summer’s Officially Here!

Phoebe’s cooling off from all this summer heat.  This image, titled “Cool Cat” comes as a greeting card, part of the “Hard at Work” set of 8 cards and envelopes ($15.00).  Please check them out!


Speed Painting

Here is a time lapsed video of a tarpon painting I created recently titled “Bustin Loose”.




Go Fishing Day!

Max & Phoebe are enjoying a day off from the studio.  And what better thing to do on “Go Fishing Day” than to go fishing and hook a Marlin?!?

Fishing Cats Blog

Announcing the New Website!

Time for a new website!  My goal was to design something that houses all of my creative work, including Retro Gals, Marine Life and my new Max & Phoebe cat cartoons.  Enjoy.

Cute Kittens

TBT!  Max & Phoebe, 8 weeks old.  They’ve been pals for 15 years.

Reel Life Performance Gear

The guys at Bullpen Chatter did a nice job on a video that showcases the new line of performance shirts produced by Reel Life.  I licensed three of my marine-life images to the team and it was a fun collaboration.  Check it out!


It’s Tarpon Season!

Fishing in SW Florida is amazing!  Knowing that these awesome, huge and historic fish are swimming just by the swim zone is really something.  Here’s one I got to the boat last week — about 110 lbs. and a pretty easy fight for about 20 minutes.  Nicole was my ever-efficient mate, even snapping this shot just in time before the fish busted loose!


Hug Your Cat Day

June 5th already?  We were busy in the studio and forgot about the big day June 4th! Here’s a fun pic of Max & Phoebe. Isn’t giving a hug like a warm, soft blanket?