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Fast Cats

What cat-lover hasn’t seen this?  When it’s dinner time Max and Phoebe come running.  “Fast Cats” is available as an original illustration, as well as, a print.


Fly Fishing in Georgia

TBT!  ca. 2012. First time fly fishing in Georgia – near Elijay.  Gorgeous day, and I even caught a Rainbow Trout!


Lab Puppy Reference

Looking through some old pics this week and came across this one of a friend’s cute Lab puppy.  I used the reference for my “Casey Key Cutie” painting!

puppyshot Canvas_Casey Key Cutie

Sea Turtle Hatchling

Cute video of a baby Loggerhead sea turtle.  My friend Suzi has been a volunteer with Mote Marine for many years.  Here she’s helping a little guy find his way to the Gulf of Mexico.



Dinner with Max

Here’s an oldie of me and Max, before our kitchen remodel was done.  Just enjoying a nice dinner together. . .

B & Max 003

Vintage TV

I wasn’t around yet, but here’s a pic showing one of the hottest TV options in 1955.  Life was much simpler back then, huh?!?


Sailfish at Work

It’s an amazing thing to see several sailfish working a bait ball.  When I used to dive I was mesmerized by this.


Reinventing Yourself

Spotted this quote by Tom Peters on G+ today: “A career is a portfolio of projects that teach you new skills, gain you new expertise, develop new capabilities, grow your colleague set, and constantly reinvent you as a brand.”  It goes well with this graphic:


Works for me!

Tarpon Fishing at its Best

When Tarpon season rolls around in late May each year, my wife tells me I start going crazy.  It’s true – I’m obsessed with these fish.  I get so excited about the thrill of landing one that my whole body shakes.  Here’s a pic of me fighting one on my friend Shawn’s boat.  Those GoPro cameras are great!


Friendship Day

Max & Phoebe celebrate “National Friendship Day”!  They’re the best of friends.