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Hard Working Cats

Max & Phoebe behaved themselves pretty well today while posing for a new cartoon.  They kept Nicole busy, though, as she tried to stop them from jumping off the desk!


National Cheeseburger Day!

It’s a great day!  Max & Phoebe love cheeseburgers, so Brendan happily captured them sharing one.  Even though their vet says they should cut down on red meat, they have to indulge on a national holiday.  The original illustration, as well as prints, are available on the Max & Phoebe page.


Building the Brooklyn Bridge

Nicole and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge while in NYC in August.  Let me tell you, it was quite a walk!  The bridge is amazing, and has so much history.  I think we were joined by at least five thousand others who took advantage of the beautiful summer day!  I was intrigued by a plaque on the bridge that acknowledged Emily Warren Roebling for her efforts in completing the Bridge, so when I got home, of course I looked her up and found an amazing story: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/emily-warren-roebling-helped-save-complete-brooklyn-bridge-article-1.1083976




Inspiring Art of the Masters

Nicole and I recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  It was our first time there and, let me tell you, it was a bit overwhelming.  The scale of the building, along with the volume of amazing and historical art was breathtaking.  This little painting stole my heart, though.  Painted by Renoir, it is the epitome of the “painterly” style that I love so much.  With the swish of a brush, your eye finishes the stroke and the image comes alive as if there were a million little strokes (see her dress).  I tend to be a painter who focuses on realism — little details are important to me — but this style exudes so much beauty and it showcases what a master painter is capable of doing.  I love this painting.


Perlman’s Art of the Violin

I was recently invited, along with 20 other artists, to create artwork that benefits educational programs of The Perlman Music Program/Suncoast! “The Art of the Violin” project asked each of us to apply our artistic perspective to violins which will be on display in the Sarasota area beginning in October and auctioned off in February. PMP/Suncoast hosts the annual Winter Residency for young musicians. It also gives violin and viola students from FL opportunity to attend workshops in preparation for playing w/the String Orchestra under the direction of internationally acclaimed violinist Itzhak Perlman. My “Mermaid Serenade” is a siren playing the violin, and her notes float up like bubbles! The F holes were also the perfect location for seahorses. A fun project! For info on the program, check out http://www.perlmanmusicprogramsuncoast.org/


Dolphin in the Intercoastal

Going through old pics and came across our old friend “Beggar” who used to visit our boat every time we passed the Albee Road Bridge in Nokomis.  He was pretty old and passed away this Spring.  Chances are slim, but wouldn’t it be be great if another dolphin became the unofficial “mayor of the Intercoastal”?!?


Now That’s a Florida Sunset!

Enjoyed this beautiful sunset with friends on Siesta Key this week.  Sometimes our skies are just amazing!


Cat Nap Time

Phoebe has been working hard in the studio so she’s napping with her stuffed dog. . .