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Holiday Cats

Here’s one straight from my sketch pad. . .my version of Max & Phoebe in that famous Grinch scene.  Cute, huh?  I think the caption would be something like “Why am I always the reindeer?  I want to play Santa!”

grinch cats

Holiday Special Pricing on Cat Cards

Yeah!  Max & Phoebe have authorized me to offer special pricing on their boxed greeting cards through 12/31/15!   All boxed cards are now priced at only $10 (plus shipping + tax, if applicable, of course).  Check out their Max & Phoebe Cat Cards page to learn more.  And, if you order by 12/14, you can pretty much bet they’ll get to you before Christmas.

Here’s an example of one in the “Hang in There” collection (caption: “You mean it was all just one big Ponzi scheme?”):

Bar Cats Card