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Holiday Cats

Here’s one straight from my sketch pad. . .my version of Max & Phoebe in that famous Grinch scene.  Cute, huh?  I think the caption would be something like “Why am I always the reindeer?  I want to play Santa!”

grinch cats

Holiday Special Pricing on Cat Cards

Yeah!  Max & Phoebe have authorized me to offer special pricing on their boxed greeting cards through 12/31/15!   All boxed cards are now priced at only $10 (plus shipping + tax, if applicable, of course).  Check out their Max & Phoebe Cat Cards page to learn more.  And, if you order by 12/14, you can pretty much bet they’ll get to you before Christmas.

Here’s an example of one in the “Hang in There” collection (caption: “You mean it was all just one big Ponzi scheme?”):

Bar Cats Card


Time for the Beaver (or Hunter) Moon!

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, October’s full moon was named because it was the time of year for hunters to set their traps (including beaver traps) before water froze, and to gather as much food as they could before the winter season hit.   Max and Phoebe like to celebrate the “Beaver” or “Hunter’s” Moon every year 🙂


Birthday Cats

September brings with it lots of birthdays of friends and family members, so Max and Phoebe decided to throw them all a big party to celebrate them all!

Max & Phoebe Birthday Cats

Cats & Wine

I’ve been working with the folks at Florida Winefest to design their marketing materials for the 2016 season.  How fitting that Max and Phoebe have been having fun checking out the wine barrel in our backyard while I’ve been working on this project.  Those cats get into everything!

wine cats

Let’s Celebrate Pie

Max and Phoebe love it when Nicole bakes a pie.  They hang out with her in the kitchen to keep her company, but they really don’t know what to do with it when it comes out of the oven!

We Love Pie

National Hug Your Cat Day

Today is a very important day for Max & Phoebe, along with millions of other felines out there.  It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!  My wife and I hug them ALL DAY LONG, but instead of posting a pic of us hugging them, I thought I’d share one of my favorite drawings of the kitties.  Cute, huh?  Have a great day everyone (and please take some time to hug your cat)!

Hug Day

Max & Phoebe’s 16th Cat Birthday

This month, Max & Phoebe celebrate their 16th birthday!  They still act like kittens, thankfully –it must be the daily calisthenics. To celebrate, the kitties asked Brendan to offer a special price on their Max & Phoebe boxed cards.  So, through June 5, all card sets are 20% off, making them only $12/box!  Check ’em out and remember that a portion of sales goes to Cat Depot.  P.S. if you’re local, you can always call the studio to arrange for pick-up & avoid shipping 🙂

Max & Phoebe Birthday Cats


Sweet Cat Cards to the Rescue

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, birthdays, graduations, 4th of July, and more!  So many holidays and special events to celebrate over the next few months.  If you’re in need of cards for these occasions, pick up some ‘Sweet Cat’ blank note cards.  They’re adorable and can be used for any occasion.

A pack of 10 (w/envelopes) is $15 smackeroos.  That’s $1.50 per card – less than you’ll pay at Hallmark. Max & Phoebe will appreciate your purchase, too, especially since a portion of the proceeds goes to Cat Depot 🙂

Sweet Cat Note Cards

Love Your Pet Day

In honor of “Love Your Pet Day,” Phoebe shows some love to her favorite pet dog.  Cute, huh?!?  Show some love to your favorite pet today!  Meow.


Visiting Cool Cats at Cat Depot

I stopped by to visit my feline friends at Cat Depot in Sarasota last week.  CD takes such good care of kitties in need of “forever homes” — they’re all so darned cute I was tempted to take one home, but I don’t think Max and Phoebe would be too happy about that!  Don’t forget that if you buy any of my products in the Max & Phoebe line, I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Cat Depot.  Our cats are pretty happy about that, since they’re rescue cats themselves!

Cat Depot Coudal

Valentine’s Day Special

Looking for a sign to buy a Wood Sign?  Then I have a sweetheart of a deal for you!

Now through February 14, get 20% off all my Wood Signs. I can’t guarantee you’ll receive it by Valentine’s Day, but it’s still a sweet deal.  Check out the Wood Sign page then use coupon code sweetheart in your Cart.  It’s the month of love!