Special Edition T-Shirt
This recent bloom of red tide in Florida and the impact it has had on our beautiful sea life has left me feeling sad, powerless, angry, frustrated and worried about our coastal environment.  But I decided to turn those feelings into something good.  I’m an artist.  I create stuff.  So came up with these designs to showcase our treasured ocean and all the marine life in it.
Why should you buy one of these shirts?  Here are 5 good reasons:
1) You can’t (or shouldn’t) go out in public naked.
2) It’s cool.  It’s groovy.  And who doesn’t like that?
3) You’re supporting a living artist (‘cause the dead ones don’t need it).
4) I’ll donate a portion of the profits to Captains for Clean Water – a group fighting for the health of our water.
5) You’ll just get a good feeling all over.