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Morning Exercises

It seems like everyone at the Coudal house is stretching in the morning these days, even Max and Phoebe.  This one’s called “Scratcheroo!” — original illustration and prints are available on the website!

Morning Cats

We Love Ice Cream!

Max & Phoebe LOVE ice cream, so to celebrate “National Ice Cream Month” Brendan created this little gem.  Enjoy!

Ice Cream Cats

Forgiveness Day

Today is National Forgiveness Day.  Have you done anything that warrants forgiveness?!?  If so, try giving one of these “Sweet Cat” note cards.  A set of 10, with envelopes, is only $15.  Who couldn’t forgive such a cute face?


Cute Kittens

TBT!  Max & Phoebe, 8 weeks old.  They’ve been pals for 15 years.

Hug Your Cat Day

June 5th already?  We were busy in the studio and forgot about the big day June 4th! Here’s a fun pic of Max & Phoebe. Isn’t giving a hug like a warm, soft blanket?


May Birthday Cats

It’s Max & Phoebe’s birthday today!  They celebrated by taking a nap.


St. Pat Cat quick draw

Max finds a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day!