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National Hug Your Cat Day

Today is a very important day for Max & Phoebe, along with millions of other felines out there.  It’s National Hug Your Cat Day!  My wife and I hug them ALL DAY LONG, but instead of posting a pic of us hugging them, I thought I’d share one of my favorite drawings of the kitties.  Cute, huh?  Have a great day everyone (and please take some time to hug your cat)!

Hug Day

Helping Cats at Cat Depot!

The Coudals are pleased to have a 2015 partnership with Sarasota’s Cat Depot!  Brendan will donate 15% of net profits from the 2015 sales of Max & Phoebe products, which means that every purchase you make goes to help a kitty in need of a “forever home.”  Check out Cat Depot to learn more about their wonderful facility, and then check out the Max & Phoebe page to see which products (greeting cards, note cards, prints or original illustrations) would be great for yourself or a friend!  Max & Phoebe are particularly excited about helping their fellow felines because they were rescued from a shelter themselves!

Cat Depot Partnership


Meet Max: Bacon-Loving Cat

Everyone in our house knows how much our cat Max loves bacon.  He can smell it from the farthest corners of the house!  Last weekend, as  Nicole made breakfast, he decided to get as close as possible (probably to increase his chances of getting a taste).  Check out “Bacon Cat“.


Cat Nap Time

Phoebe has been working hard in the studio so she’s napping with her stuffed dog. . .


St. Pat Cat quick draw

Max finds a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day!

Fun at Work Day!

Today is National Have Fun at Work Day! We at Ballyhoo Designs (Brendan, Nicole, Max & Phoebe) are hard at work, but still managed to have a little fun this morning — hope you did too!



Our very first blog post, on our very first blog!  How exciting.  This image of “Write Cat” comes on a greeting card, and is part of the “Hard at Work” set of 8 cards with envelopes ($15.00).  Please check them out!